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From our humble roots, the philosophy has been the same: "Put the best tools and good folks hands and teach them to use them safely and effectively".

That approach remains the same today, even with the wave of new technologies being used in the fabrication industry today.

It all starts with a properly maintained quality model. Our 3D models created in SDS/2 or Tekla Structures link directly to our CNC equipment. Streamlining efficiency and most importantly great fitiup in the field and lower in the place costs. Creating value for our customers.


The information age has improved FSP processes. The FSP team takes advantage of the latest software to deliver better results and customer service.

FSP software packages include:

  • AutoCAD 2007 – This computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting program is used for CNC part details.
  • FabSuite – This Windows®-based program is an industry-specific solution for purchasing, production control, estimating, shipping, and receiving. FabSuite allows FSP to export all reports to various file formats including Excel™ and Word™.
  • ProNest 8 – This CAD nesting software allows FSP to operate multiple CNC burn tables.
  • FSP-Job Tracker – FSP uses this software to track in-house job file database.
  • SDS/2 – FSP uses this industry-leading software for 3D detailing.


With over a decade of experience in BIM. We've been providing models for clash detection with other disciplines in Plant Construction. Including equipment and piping.

FSP's shops are fiber wired with live bar code tracking (STS) steel tracking system.


FSP's laser printed metal tags are laminated to be able to withstand the galvanizing process.

  • SDS/2
  • Tekla Structures
  • Tekla PowerFab
  • FSP - Job Tracker
  • Steel Tracking System

SICAM CNC Nesting Software & Equipment Control Software

SICAM's advanced software enables instant data sharing between the office and shop. SICAM-enabled computers automatically store their information in a common database. While the FSP team works on parts and nests in the office, updates are noted on the machine. As the machine works through production, the status is logged and can be checked in the office. All of this is done to simplify the process, so production is faster and more accurate.

Automatic Beam & Plate Nesting

SICAM's automatic beam and plate nesting generates optimal results to reduce material usage.

Miter-cut beams are automatically detected and rotated to reduce drop. SICAM can "mult" WT beams, detecting optimal part size to automatically sort them. The plate nesting feature has a wide array of advantages for nest generation.

Voortman V808
Robotic Thermal Cutting Machine

Voortman V631
Beam drilling and milling

Voortman VB-range
Straight and mitre sawing

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